Anything in northern arizona?

I've been getting really into building minibikes lately, and racing them looks like a lot of fun. I'm already looking into doing the gambler, but if there were something similar closer to home I'd be down for that as well.


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I’ll watch this thread and if I hear anything I will let you know.
I currently live in Illinois but we are planning to move to southern Arizona in spring.
I don’t have any minis anymore at the moment but I do have 17 trikes (most of which are projects)
I’ve seen a lot of “events” help out East and Midwest but haven’t noticed any out west
With any luck once I’m there I’ll be able to find a place with some decent property I can afford and would like to start something like that, even if just trail riding meet ups
I'm in northern arizona, just north of the north rim, we have some pretty solid trails right here, just not too many around here into minibikes, I also have a '78 yamaha dt175e to rip around on