Asuza Build

Azusa Build

Done with the assembly of my Minibike. This is my first minibike and I am learning some of the tricks. Thanks to all, I been in the OldMiniBikes Blog since April of last year and have learned a lot.

Azusa Minibike Kit with 8" wheels
Tires (F + R): Carlisle 4.80 X 8 Snow Hog's 16.3" tall / 4.7" wide
Motor: HF 6.5 Blue Clone stock, minus oil sensor.
Footpegs: Kawasaki KX-100 Moto X
Clutch: Max Torque 12T, #35 Chain.
Rear Sproket: 72T

Still adjusting brake and chain tension.

Your coments (good or bad) will be appreciated.

Thanks. :scooter:

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Dang man that is a bad customer there, the wheels and tires define it I think. I like Azusas, you did a good job on yours! I bet it flies with the 6.5 on it.:thumbsup:
Nice Job!! Looks real mean!!! :thumbsup:
I see the frame, forks, and handlebars were beefed up with support tubes.
And I like the added foot pegs too.
Thanks guy's.
I whish it was powder coated, but nobody does powder coating localy.
I tested it around the block only, just finished today. The real test will come when I take it to a ranch, will see if it works as good as it looks.
My next step is to fine tune the carburator, change to a better spark plug. Right now it's easy to pop wheelis, I have no idea of the top speed but I will check it tomorrow (If I have good brakes).

Thanks again
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Yes, that would look great. I would like to paint the motor, shroud and tank Black, but I think I would have to do a lot of disasembly. Probably easier to purchase a new Predator motor.



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I knew something was not quite right. Certainly not knocking your fine build, but I agree. Paint those engine components. Easy done in afternoon, unless you are laxy as I.
I am lazy - But you are correct, it would look a lot better, I will get it done first chance I get.

Ok - I tested the Mini this morning to check the top speed and I got 29 MPH (on the street) Not bad considering the setup and a completely stock motor. 29 MPH is enough, specialy for off road riding.

The chain keeps getting loose, I have adjusted that a couple of times and I keep having the same problem. Last time I torqued the bolts pretty tight but still having the same problem.



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Might need one of them fancy smancy skate board chain tensioners. Someone just did a thread about them. Might keep it from loosening.