Baja Warrior Build

any up dates, got that 356 cam in yet and running.
Still sitting in a box, going to tackle it after Labor Day weekend. We do a big trip to my parents camp in NH and bring mini bikes, quads, atv's etc. and I don't want to mess w/ my Baja before then since it's running really well right now (and the loctite hasn't failed me yet lol).
Well I tried to display some patience, but after helping a buddy install a cam etc. on his bike last Friday, I just couldn't wait for Labor Day anymore. So last night I removed my Mod2 and installed the .356 cam, plus stainless valves, chromoly push rods, 36# springs, and I ported & polished the head on my bike as well.

What a huge difference that .356 made!

Noticeably more power, and I gained another ~1,100 RPM top end under load, hitting 6,460 rpm's per my tach . I'm running the 146g weights and the blue springs (3,330 rpm engagement) in my TAV2. Also running a 130 main jet.

I now need to get my GPS out and see if if it's improved the top end at all, not that I really need to go faster than the 51 mph I was getting before lol
I heard the same 7-8k for the stock Hemi's and I think some have run them up to 9k with no issues but I could be wrong. I run champions on my Hisun and love them.