Been Begging the Misses for years - she finally said yes

:laugh::laugh:No getting married was the easy bit:laugh:

Been asking her since baby blue was made to go for a ride on a mini. Would have been easier making ice on the Sun:laugh:

Last night was an awesome summer evening - took the boys for a ride up and down the block the said to the misses it was her turn and no but's.

I'll be damned if she did not jump on and go. was a bit wobbly in the begining
with her legs off the foot pegs dangling at the side out of fear. Also kept giving gas when applying the break:doah: but soon I could not get her off.

The nieghbours even came out and she'd stop in front of there house and rev, chat a bit to look cool, the whole one hand on the hip one on the throttle pose.

Eventually had to pull her over when it got dark:laugh:

Soo Proud:thumbsup:



Banned - Must pay $500
Gotta' Love it, and a Huge Smile to boot.

Likein them BIG apes on that bike, gives it that big Harley look.

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: not much better
That smile of hers also look like it is permanent !!!! She looks like a little kid at Disneyworld for the first time...... Something tells me you have found a new helper/fan/testrider..... Good on ya !!!!! What color is the next bike gonna be ? LOL

She finally said yes!..:thumbsup:
You already know the color choice of your next build will be chosen by her:smile: Her smile surely must have had you smiling too. Good for her to give it a try:scooter:
I STILL can't get my guy on either my motorcycle or minibike!!! He calls motorcycles "suicide machines" :shrug: He's probably too big anyways, for my mini, but once I get the Pack-Mule running there will be no excuse.... :thumbsup: