"Before and After" pics


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Started out as a Fox Tracker and now its a modified Fox. I was going to get it running again, but when I took the side cover off to fix the stripped out bolts on the blower housing I noticed the side cover was shot. Ended up scraping the 2 cycle, stretchering the frame 3" and went with a Predator 6.5 hp and a Comet 30 setup.


Super Bronc Fluff and Buff

As a favor for a friend, I did a quick resto on his Super Bronc which included repairing and reinforcing the cracked motor mount plate. Here are a few pics of the process. The engine gets painted this winter.

Starting pic:
Toms Super Bronc.jpg

I added a 1" tube along the front of the plate with a 1" channel slotted to pick up 1 side of the motor mount bolts. I tied the back of the plate with another piece of 1" channel hidden under the plate.

Super Bronc Motor mount .jpg

Bronc Front Corner.jpg


Honda Trail 70 front fork boots

Honda Trail 70 axle adjusters and aftermarket shocks.
Super Bronc Shock Mount.jpg
DSCF0910.JPG $_201.JPG after pic...and before pic here is a deltek rockhopper made for the australian market from around 1969 to 1975 this is a 73 model and all original parts have been used nothing aftermarket at all. it has taken 2 bikes to make this one to as close as it left the factory as possiable .. i got one for christmas in 1971 and for a long time wanted to restore one as best i could .
just waiting for the rear spring and shocks to come back from the chrome platers put the pull start on and put on original stickers on the engine cowl. motor is a 125 victa 2 stroke engine made in australia with a amal carby on it . hope you like it cheers dean