BGW Ti-Rod: Does it have or did it have a VIN plate?

Hey guys,

I am working on my Tri-Rod and I would like to be all proper and legal here in Indiana. The state says that Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) purchased after 2009 need to be titled and registered regardless of model year, even for use on private land. There is a process for getting a new VIN issued but it requires a title or other proof of ownership with a year, make, model, and VIN. Getting a new title requires a VIN and getting a new VIN requires a title.

Did it originally have a VIN? My 1972 HD Rapido has one. My 1978 CT70 has one. Even my MTD Mud Bug has a serial number. I can't find any evidence of the BGW ever having a stamped S/N or VIN plate anywhere on the frame. Where should I be looking?
Should be on the neck or the back might have a plate with it on. If not it did not have any I have one that does not have any. My son on St Pat's day parade the green mini bike is mine too. I want to get mine on the road to but I might have to put turn signals on and a brake light.


I found what was left of the vin plate on the rear of the frame under 45+ years worth of paint. Part of the BGW Logo and part of the model number survived, but that's about it. Most of the VIN is just plain gone and what is left is indecipherable.
Im not sure about the Tri-rods but many of these older manufacturers only use stickers with serials on them. I know Alsport did that, only the SL's got VINs. Many of the sticker have been lost after 40+ years. I have 3 Alsport and only 1 still has a serial sticker on it. These were sold as basically oversized gokarts and VINs were not required. Later a VIN or MCO had to be issued with all new sales. This made tracking, recalls, etc easier.
I think BGW did the same thing with the S/N. I found what is left of the sticker on the back of the frame below the engine mount under 45+ years of paint. Unfortunately, Indiana requires that all ORVs be titled and registered in order to use public ATV trails and all vehicles over 50cc on public roads have to be titled, registered, and insured. An attorney friend of mine may have found an affordable legal solution and if it works, I will definitely write it up and post it here.