Billetproof Drags Lakeland Florida, this weekend Oct 25, 2015 ????

I'm thinking of finally hitting this one, this year. I checked back 3 pages on this forum,
to see if there was anybody hitting it for the mini bike drags they are having????????
Anybody in Florida going? Have you been to it last year? Any particulars you can share?


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its really hit and miss for mini bike attendance. Last year was pretty light not a whole lot for bikes and ironically for a vintage only event hardly any of them (mini bikes) were. Some years are like that, and then others they are all over the place! But If you have any interest in old cars and drag racing that kinda makes up for it though. While there might be a couple late 60's cars slip through and run down the track, they do stay pretty true to the rules so you do get to see some really bad ass true nostalgia drag cars run as well as some off the wall early stuff.

If I go this year I am not bringing anything, I usually setup and have stuff for sale. This year I'm just gonna troll the pits looking for inspiration and hopefully find something interesting for sale, watch a little racing and be on my way.