BONANZA correct Powder coat color


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Hi i use Prismatic Powder colors all the time its the top of the top of the line powder coating company for choice of colors.They have 6500 different variations of Colors.If you want to look at a certain Que of color just click on the Color say Blue and look at all the options you can use .I was simply asking on OldMiniBikes which color and color code would match the original Bonanza Blue color
Hi Robert, I have purchased powder coat colors from Prismatic before I don't believe they have what you are looking for if you are looking for the correct Bonanza blue color. I own a few Bonanzas myself. Good luck finding it.
I too am getting ready to paint or powder coat a Bonanza. I like the quality of powder coat but not sure if they have a close match to the Bonanza blue. There is been a lot of discussions about paint colors that are a close match to Bonanza original blue and Nassau blue automotive paint color always seems to pop up.

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I'm doing mine in Yellow , Prismatic YES YELLOW , I should've had it back a week ago at least , if I ever get it back y'all will see it , lol


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Just wanted to add my 2 cents, I have done a few bikes in powder coat-(although not Bonanza)- and always Prismatic powder. One tip is whatever color you decide looking at, in the online color samples, make sure to call and have them send you a free color strip sample. Because it will vary from what you see online. Pick a bunch of samples that you think are closest then have them send you the samples and match it up to an original paint bike if you can..
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I've tried to find a match for years and I've had just about every close color blue from prismatic powders and I finally gave up. There is nothing that is a close match in powder coat.


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Thanks I understand if you want a perfect match, paint works 1966 Chevy Nassau Blue and looks Great.But if you not building a perfect bike to match every single detail there are alot of Prismatic colors in Blue that look great


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Hi OldMiniBikes members so i have been trying to find a match to use Powder Coating on my Bonanza BC 1400 paints nice but chips easily.I went online through the Prismatic web site.Went through a bunch of colors picked one out the I liked ( Illusion Blu-Berg_which would be the Base coat PMB 6910 and a clearcoat finish over it PPS2974,on there site they offer to send you a swatch or sample before you order so i did and it arrived today its as close as a match for me that i would be happy with so i am going forward