Brake ideas

I started this project last year and never got around to brakes. I don't even know where to start with it either. I d like to get some ideas from some experts on where to go. It s a huffy hustler with a torque converter, the back wheel is too fat so I can't get a disk brake in there. Should I change the rims? Shoot me any ideas, thx IMG_20160223_162319626.jpg IMG_20160223_162310196.jpg
The TAV takes the clutch brake option off the table, what wheels are you running? If they are Mancos I will sell you an Arctic Cat drum and backing plate setup or a drum you can use a band brake on. Also you could use a 2.5" drum on the jackshaft with the corresponding band and build a bracket for the anchor and cable stay. There are more options than you think, if I don't get back to the thread soon enough send me a reminder PM about what wheels you run because if they are mancos I have parts to help you stop that Huffy.


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I happen to know an extremely good looking man with a complete 2.5" drum brake set up that would go right on your!
Thanks for all the ideas. They are manco wheels, and I only have about 3/8" between the tire and sprocket. I like both ideas for sure. Shoot me some pics of what you have to help(sell). I'll get back to you ASAP. Maybe we can even trade, :thumbsup:
is there any room on the other side of the wheel? you could run a band brake on that side? i'll try to get a pic of my setup tonite
Spoken like a true flat track guy :doah:

I would go with the band brake on the jack shaft but you might have enough room for a band or drum on the other side of the wheel lets see a pic :thumbsup:
Well I decided to go with the band brake on the jack shaft. I have room there. Shipping in this weekend sometime. I let everyone know how it goes. I'll of course post pics. Thanks for all the info, I didn't even know they made Jack shaft brakes.