Bravex vs. Max-Torq

I recently purchased a couple Bravex clutches and have a question. The 10 tooth for 40_41_420 works nice. The 12 tooth for 35 on the other hand... looks well made and solid. I put it on a stage 1 built predator on a db30. After about 35 40 minutes of riding it kept trying to engage while the bike was idling. I would blip the throttle and it would stop, but shortly after would start making a strange screeching and try to engage again. I took it apart, nothing amiss that I could see. Anyone else have this experience? I thought my engine was sitting slightly crooked maybe causing some sort of binding. Adjustments to the engine position didn't seem to make any difference.


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Does the clutch have a bronze bushing? If so take it apart, clean the bushing and its contact area, then apply 2 drops of engine oil to the bushing. Put it back together and ride. Keep idling to a minimum and get to full engagement as quick as possible to minimize heat. And you may need a couple drops of oil after every ride. Too much oil just makes a mess and is a dirt magnet so don't overdo it.