Breathing new life in old Heat


Finally getting around to starting back up on this build. Baja Heat that was purchased in pieces and the frame was a disaster. Im not the best welder but the guy before me was downright sloppy. Had to clean up lots of welds. Custom fab'd motor mount in order to clear tc install. Rebuilt an ol GX160 engine which has some mods.
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Just purchased Honda Rebel tank off of a 2006 model and realized that its way longer (not wider though) than factory shell. Supposed to be authentic Rebel tank. This means I need to move the seat back. Luckily the frame will accommodate this with some fab work. Ill just cut down the rear mount on the frame and have the seat sit on the rubber mounts like it was supposed to be intended. Sucks cause I just had this frame powdercoated...
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Finally able to get back to this project a few weeks ago. Welded on additional support bracket in order to mount the seat further back along with the Rebel gas tank. Added reinforcing bracket to seat. Added a Mikuni knock off carb. All that is left is getting a fuel line, a proper street tire for front, and getting a header made up.

Does anyone know if someone here can make a custom header for me? I have a design in mind and will require some large flowy bends.


Just wanted to post a few more pics of what I did to mount this gas tank. Too bad the tank is got a nasty ding, but its Honda orginal and the right color. I did have to purchase a mounting kit for the gas tank off a Rebel which includes the rubber grommets and hardware. Honestly the seat and tank placement feels much better. Its very comfortable sitting on the bike and i like how the seat is back further and lower. Also like how the seat seems to flow into the tank. Ill probably get the seat redone this winter and maybe get the dent out of the tank. I see OMB is now selling the engine relocation plate, ha! Dont matter, that engine plate i created could handle a 20 horse engine... :)