BSE moto skeeter carb help?

has anybody have any experience with this carb
orig 450 bse 2 cycle carb i'm going to try it tomorrow
it don't want to idle
(just off and loud) :shrug:
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What do you need to know? Do you know how to adjust the idle or have you tried that and you're still having problems?
Hi thanks...
I spent a good part of today cleaning and testing it's better but I still having idle problems
fresh gas @ 20-1 ratio I had a couple of clogged jets the only adjustment I saw was the throttle stop? their was two brass ports that where under caps snug down so I put them back that way :shrug: any suggestions are welcome :thumbsup:
Okay, so the problem is that it isn't idling? I had a similar problem with a Tillotson on a snowmobile of mine. These carbs, like the tillys have a rocker that works in conjunction with the float to push that little needle open/closed. Make sure that rocker isn't bent out of shape for starters. Also, additional adjustment can be made by bending that rocker one way or the other depending on how it is running.

I can snap some pictures tonight if you would like.

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There are brass screws ported out under caps I think i'm going to go over them again not sure if they are meant to be adjusted
Have you gotten your spark issue fixed? Also, I started playing with my BSE engine again and I am thinking that I will use a HL Tillotson carb instead of the stock float bowl carb.