Anything Goes! Build-from-scratch Dutch minibike 4.0

Build from scratch Dutch minibike

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Li'l Popeye

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Today I got my vinyl cutter working again and I've made and applied decals for the minibike.

^Several colors of vinyl had been cut and layered onto the parts. Grey, black, white, light pink, more white, dark pink, brown and yellow.

^Here with black background letters.

^With white letters layered onto black it creates an outline.

^Gastank and fork also done.

Stay safe and tuned.

Li'l Popeye

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I had installed the aluminium flywheel some time, last week. Checked timing with a timing light and it was at 20 degrees, with a stock key.
I forgot to install the tins, before. So I had to take the flywheel of again, to be able to install the tins. This time with a grinded down keyway.

^As I knew at what point the flywheel needs to be to create a spark, I had set it at 30 degrees. With the degree wheel.

^After torquing down, I checked, with a timing light, to see if it is set correct. It is.

^Installed the recoil cover, after installing a new on/off switch in it.

Li'l Popeye

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Small addition to previous post: I changed the sparkplug wire with this solid core wire with a non resistor boot. My timing light didn't flash, because it didn't pick up the signal with the spark plug out. After I made the spark plug gap larger, the timing light functioned ok. I think there's more power going through the wire with a bigger gap, and that is why it did pick up a signal with a larger gap.

Li'l Popeye

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^Making a 15T #219 chain sprocket for torque converter.

^Sprocket ready.

^Replacing stock wires of the on-off switch with some longer wires.

^New wires soldered to switch.

^Ready to be assembled.

Li'l Popeye

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Today I have spend building an exhaust and an intake.

^The steel bar is to make a D-shape to a round tube. Used with a hammer. Works great and easy.

^Intake tacked.

^Parts to make an exhaust.

^Muffler; I have 2 of these short perforated tubes on each side of the muffler. Stainless steel wool is used as isolation.

^Exhaust tacked together. I used another exhaust as an example to make this temporarily mold.

^Making an extra support bracket to the exhaust.

^Both intake and exhaust painted.

Tomorrow assembly day.

Li'l Popeye

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Today I've completely assembled the minibike.

^After coffee, this is what I started with.

^Along the way of assembly some ideas just pop up, like this solution of the breather hose. Easy fix and time will tell if there's actually oil coming out of this hose.

^Completely assembled in 1 day.

Here's my video of minibike "Li'l Popeye", with pictures of the assembly, it's first start, some riding and some pictures of it being pretty:
Thank you for the detailed write up and photos. I enjoyed reading that as much as anything I have read on the net. The drawings and detail are impressive. It turned out to be a beautiful piece. I just recently purchased an old Karts International that I have to go thru and refurbish, mine will be plain Jane, while yours is exceptional. Thank you again so much for the post.