Came with the property . . .


Found this one in the dumpster as the previous owner was cleaning off the property before I moved in. Pulled it for a fun project for my son and me. Can anyone identify this guy?

The motor is a '93 Briggs and Stratton 3HP (guessing not original), the foot-pegs are a weld-on piece from another bike (original placement look to be behind the motor), the 8" wheels and brakes are from a Yamaha LB50 (or similar), and the shocks look like overkill from another bike as well.

Thanks in advance!
Thanks for the quick response! Now with a direction to look, I think it's a Taco T100. Now to start searching the tech forums for some help bringin' her back to life.

Thanks again! :thumbsup:
clean it and ride it

Yeah, lots of mods done to this one . . .

Gonna grind off some of the additions and rust, fill in the holes, spray on some fresh paint, and pretty much leave the motor, wheels, and seat as is to get to riding it before I get any ideas about resurrecting it to it's original grandness :scooter: