Can't get a Predator 212 to pull.

Few weeks back I bought a used go kart for my son and it has a Predator 212 on it. It of course needed a few things fixed and similar. I thought it would be a good project for us. I understand many things mechanical but engines have never really been something I have put a lot of time into. So this is going to be a learning experience for me.

Today, we were working on the brake for the kart and I tipped the kart up onto it side twice, once to hammer free the wheel from axle, and the second time briefly to be able to get the wheel back into place. The work on the brake was down with the kart in the normal upright position.

Once everything was back together, I am not not able to pull start the engine. The pull will come out about 6 to 8 inches and it stop completely. I took off the pull assembly to get is that was jammed and no it was no, once off it moved freely. I am not able to rotate the engine (sorry for not knowing the right terms here.) I can rotate it back a little bit freely, but going forward, it come to a point where it stops solid.

So any ideas of what I did here? Did I just cost myself the price of a new engine? Is there some emergency catch in this engine that stops itself if it gets tipped over? Is something out of place that needs to be put back? I am sorry for the limited knowledge right now. Any help would be grand so I can help wipe away the sad look on my son's face.
You've got oil in the cylinder from tipping it over side ways....pull the spark plug out and then pull the should spit the oil out. Be sure you check your oil level when your done.
This was exactly my failure. Pulled the plug, gave the cord a pull and it cartoonishly shot out oil. Cleaned everything up including the plug and double checked the oil levels and it fired right up. Even seems I have more power from the engine as the kart got my fat butt moving even faster now.

Thank you so much random internet person. You made my son smile broadly again. And you taught me something too, mainly I have a lot more to learn is my guess.


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Ay Ay Captain! There are a lot of random internet types here that are always willing to help! Glad you got it running! The smiles are the reward!