Anything Goes! canuks sprocket trike

started on the hs50 going to use a early shroud ,welded up the primer holes had some pin holes tacked them up and more and more pin holes Im going to braze over it and see what happens,took the carb off its a corroded mess going to soak it in rust remover if no luck with that china carb will be going on


Thanks guys it does look good but has been a nightmare with issues gave up on it this morning grabbed another hs50 put some gas init and it fired up first pull and ran great,had it running for over two hours so im going to use it and transfer parts over,just cleaned and painted tonight got the carb soaking and try again on monday


I know exactly what brand of Canadian built mini bike you've got there lol. I own 2 of them and they're excellent bikes. Met and talked with Lloyd himself, great guy. I have bike # 572, and 742. My buddy has bike #688. Love these machines. No one knows about them on here lol, well a few members do.