Carb recomendations for 6hp ohv tec?

Have a little mini chopper here and im sick if this stock carb. I dont want to take the gov off cause then i will have to make a throttle setup or something i have no problem making an adapter peice. Please any ideas will be helpful.
I remember my little brother's Yerf Dog go kart had a Tecumseh 6hp ohv motor. We had to prime it like 50 times to get it started.

Then you had to keep priming till it would idle on its own.:censure:

Messing with different carbs can cause engine failure......without a billet rod.
Oh i understand what u mean but yea those shitty carbs it starts first pull everytime but wont idle. And the carb has no adjustments. And by using different carbs can cause engine failure because some people just redline their stock engine the only time i go full throtle on my nongoverened toys is take off until i reach top speed then let off...
If your looking to swap carbs so you can have an adjustable one, then yeah there out there but I don't know any part numbers.

And for some reason Tecumseh replacement carbs are way expensive........even before they went under.