Carlisle Indian head tire


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These, please, 4.00-6 and (4.00)4.80-8. Also 5.30x4.50-6 and 4.10-3.50-6, can't remember what they called them, "universal tread" seems to be used now. Basically their entire former minibike and gokart line would be good!

Coker repops the 4.00-6 as a 14x6 Trials tire, not sure if that's a license or they actually buy the molds and rights to make them. They still crank out 22x11-8 knobby tires, did they make a 21x12-8 ever?

Assumed you were going to start another thread but @Bbqman won't mind the hijack if he gets his tires!

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I will take a pair of 4.00-6 too for my MTD