Cat slingshot help

Hello just bought my first new mini bike have a Cat Slingshot. I'm not sure on a few thing first not sure if it came with the 3.5 Honda motor, the disk brake assembly not sure how to adjust to make it work stronger. And what parts I may be missing for with the frame and the engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks Warren image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
This bike would have came with a Tecumseh engine. It also wouldn't have had that disk brake set up on it. There is a lot missing from that frame.

The clutch guard, switch plate, fenders, original seat/sissy bar, original throttle, original drum brakes (maybe original sprocket) and engine are all missing. Here's the original ad, which should help you get an idea of what is and isn't original on it.

I'm not sure what that loop is that's welded on your bike - maybe someone had a scrub brake on it at one point?

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Thanks for all the help not sure I wanna get all the parts to it slit has been welded on it it seems also I'm looking at a mancos custom with 3.5 only problem not sure about the foot brake as compared to the handle bar brakes on the mancos
That disk brake is on the wrong side and mounts to the sprocket. That home made jack shaft do hickey needs no be cut off. Back wheel is wrong. Throttle and grips are wrong. But the foot peg covers look original. Try and save those if you can. They are almost impossible to find now.