Celebrities, Pseudo Celebrities, the Famous and Infamous…. and Mini Bikes

Where did all the Kawasaki Coyote's go??????? They got put to use on the best TV show ever!!! Lancelot Link secret chimp :thumbsup:
L.L.S.C. was one of my favorite tv show's as a kid. In fact I have the complete series box set. The Evolution Revolution music vids were the best.


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The mini bike! the Mini bike! When Tattoo wasn't running down guests around the pool at fantasy Island resort in his miniature car, or cleaning the "Rich Corinthian leather" in his bosses office Hes was cruising around on his mini bike...or should I say big bike for him :wink:

I had remembered this pic from France when the Stones were recording Exile on Main St. as a minibike. Now i see it's somewhat larger than one. But here it is anyway.

Mick Jagger on a Honda