Chain Alignment with Torque Converter

Heyall, I just got my TC installed on my CT200U-EX, which is a chore using the adapter for the small shaft, but glad it's done. I was wondering what the best way to get the rear sprocket aligned with the driven pulley sprocket? I had to fit 3x 3/4 inch flat washers behind the driven pulley sprocket to get the alignment correct, which would in turn force me to shim out the drive pulley. This moves everything out on the shaft reducing thread engagement and adding additional stress.

On the wheel side, the sprocket needs to move right, but the entire wheel assembly is already biased slightly right.
Is it necessary to shift the entire engine? I'd have to expand the holes a bit to do that. Was hoping someone else might have seen this already... before I take everything apart and start drilling.



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Please post some pictures. It should bolt onto your engine with no washers, and your sprockets should be almost perfectly lined up. You MIGHT need to raise the engine about an inch so the driven pulley will clear the frame, but I have never had to space anything to the side before.


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Posts like this got me interested so I had a closer look at it this past year.

To get both of my 200u's close to perfect the engine needed to be moved about a 1/4" to the left. Getting risers with left right adjustability made it easy.
SAS289, you nailed it. 1/4 inch to the left and it would be perfect. I will try opening the hole up a bit larger so there is some adjustment in all directions, that should do it.
I did also raise the engine by an inch to clear the plate with some square tubing, and I ended up cutting the cross bar off, as opposed to buying the forward leaning mount. Can't wait to get thing out and about.
Thanks folks.