changed my rear tire to a aggressive atv tire, it works great!

wow, haven't posting in a while but, since its winter and i need something to do.
i was looking online for a tire and decided on the ocelot p311 (its really aggressive! over 1/2" of tread depth, i was surprised when i got here, i bought it from chapmoto. it was a lot cheaper than a OEM replacement)
so i decided to swap out my rear tire in my living room :p
it took me about 2 hours and a trip to local tire shop (to seat the bead, i dont have a compressor)
this tire fit in perfectly and i didnt have to clearance anything, i would recommend it if your doing some trail riding (or im my case, snow riding)
this thing would probably go through some mud holes, just be sure to have someone video you first ;)
it rides great in the snow! 20190128_163122.jpg 20190128_173609.jpg
heres a quick video of me riding it in snow (-15f is really cold, but fun!)


Looks good Merk !

But I just lost my excuse for not riding my mini bike...I kept saying it was too's 44 here this afternoon...:rolleyes:

Stay warm, and safe.
It was nice enough here today that I was out in shorts and a t-shirt with the house opened up. The weather is one of the very few things I love about living here in CA.