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Whoa, this sure turned ugly.
It's the holidays. Can't we all get along?:thumbsup:
Seriously? These are some good folks here.
No money was lost. Right?

Too many good folks for this to have gotten to thus point.
It's truly unfortunate that this turned this way. When I start getting nasty PM's from people incinuating I had something to do with this, I am no longer willing to help.
Regarding Jack's account, the facts are he is not banned. I do not see that someone altered his account. He cannot see this section because he is not a paid supporting member.
My invitation stands to Don or whomever wants to tell him. Get me Jack's password and I will attempt to log in. If I cannot then this story has some validity. I can screen shot my moderator controls to show I cannot change passwords in case anyone is in disbelief. Don id claiming Dean is controlling Cheezy, yet if Jack's cannot see this section, who is feeding him the story? Seem's like a lot of second hand bullshit.
Right now no one has seen that Jack's cannot log in. It's what he's telling people. If I get the password and I cannot, I will certainly rescind my comment.
I do not know Jack's from a can of paint but he deleted me from Facebook before I even knew what happened yesterday. I was attempting to message him last night to try and help. I deleted Don since I felt his comments towards me were unwarranted. I did not see things his way so I was wrong. Until Scott provides some kind of proof, I cannot help him further.
It's really disheartening to have to deal with this stuff especially this time of year. I think most people agree that Hent runs a pretty fair ship and gives people leeway until they prove they can't handle it and then they cry when rules are enforced.
I encourage everyone to take a deep breath, work on something and spend some time with your families this week and next. IF there was wrong doing here, it will be brought to light.
This is my last post regarding this unless someone can give me proof so I can help further. I truly hope everyone has A Merry Christmas
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Jack's is not banned, posts or pictures were not deleted, or restricted in any way other than the "Supporting Members" forum, as that is reserved for people who have paid. I moved the thread to Off-Topic so he can see this thread now.

As far as people being tired of this or that, take a look at my registration date. I am tired. Think I have time or care about details of your poorly gone transaction? Nope. Sent Paypal as a friend? I laugh.

The forum has a pretty good feature that could help some of you -

Get over it and move on.
Just to throw this out there:

I am owner and administrator of my own web forum and even I cannot find out someone's password or change their password.
I can choose options for passwords for everyone, how many characters, etc. and I can let board members change their own passwords. But the way the software is set up, I have nothing to do with my members' passwords I never see them it's all completely separate and private.
My buddies used to forget their password and then call me on the phone and ask me to send them a password or change their password but there was nothing I could do to help them lol.

So I don't think anyone would think someone hacked in and changed passwords or mods changed passwords. That's not how it works.


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This is supposed to be a happy time of year, and a time for reflection! As the new year approaches, maybe we can all reflect back on 2015 and think about the mistakes that were made. If someone was "wronged" and you did not apologize publicly, maybe now is a good time for that! Remember, karma is a cruel mistress!
Let's look forward and have a great 2016 Build Off! I am sure this year's will be the best!
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