custom micro pantograph attachment for duplicating small parts in 3D


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Why not just use a stylus and a single rotary tool... you'd just need to clamp the part and the raw material at the same distance as the stylus and the cutter.


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that is a VERY good question here is my Very truthful answer:
I figured I would save some money by buying a cheap foredom "CLONE" rotary tool but that piece of junk got to hot to even hold onto within 1 min of operation.
so I spent the money and bought a REAL foredom rotary tool and tried it and it worked great so I decided to make the cLone tool into the non powered stylus. also remember anytime you change a cutting bur you need to change the bur in the stylus to match the shape of the cutting bur the good news is both tips have a keyed chuck making the changes easy


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OK I have updated the link to show the completed tool minus the part that will mount on the table to hold the original and duplicating stock
Interesting you've got me thinking about the advantages/disadvantages of using the clone tool instead of a stylus, which is what all the pantographs I've ever seen used to trace the master stock...

Maybe later you'll add a stylus and another Foredom and have a double pantograph...

Are you planning to produce a specific part on this tool?

My brother used to make copies of M1911A1 Colt pistol frames (legally)...the master was stainless, and the copies were made of a sturdy plastic, similar to the lightweight nylon composite used by all the major gun manufacturers...your tool looks useful for this type of work...
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thanks for showing a interest in my project I havent tried to duplicate anything yet but today I did tinker with it a little bit
today I staked the openings of the tube with a center punch that slides on the support rod to reduce any play this will keep everything rigid for more accurate copys
I welcome any Ideas on what I could make useing this machine
I used two tools because as I said one was junk so why not use it as a stylus and I use burs in the dummy tool to but it would be way better if the stylus used just the same shape but smooth so it wouldnt scratch or grab
you got me thinkng about copying a gun I have a colt 45 25 acp sitting around somewhere its a tiny little purse gun that would really test the limits of this tool
heck I dont know what do you guys think?
I used pantographs to make copies of knife handles, grips and stocks for'll need a license to manufacture firearms if you want to copy serialized gun components, but all parts not restricted by law can be manufactured privately...we'll skip talking about liability...

The Foredom zips through wood, nylon, plastic, etc., so the list of stuff you can copy is endless...


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odd as this may seem I do hold a FFL license. but I really dont have any interest in making gun parts maybe carving one as art but NOT a functional gun or serialized part
I still have to make the part of the tool that holds the original piece and the raw stock on the milling table
I have decided to make a dolphin copyed from a ceramic ornament I found at the goodwill store and if that works out then its on to make that mini tecumseh engine