Custom pearl paint in aerosol spray, cool for custom builds

I posted some comments, but realize by and large I waste my time talking about painting. I'm just a hack. But thanks for the link Randi.

Your link "canz" don't offer a 2K clear aerosol anywhere I could find. The products are the same as Lil Daddy Roth sells, (which is an American company, while Canz is a UK one) but Canz prices for 12 oz of product are about $7 less per can.

The chips shown were not done with aerosol, but were shot with quality guns, and the ad tends to make it appear that a clear coat is an option, when it's actually mandatory for any kind of half way decent job.

A total pearl job with your company is going to be about ten dollars less than one with Roth, but you will loose that savings because you cant get their aerosol 2K outside of the UK. (that I could find) $50 vs. $60, but you better get an extra can of candy because you may need it.

The last bit was that doing a pearl, flake, or candy job with a rattle can is extremely difficult on anything but a tube (frame) and I cant fathom holding a button down while trying to do 3 coats of candy with a 75% overlap on a mini bike fender or gas tank.

A pearl job costs a bit less, since you use a solid base and can get by with an offering from "ACE" and the like. But you have to know your stuff, because some pearls are better over black base, and some are better over white, or red, etc. and if you get it wrong, you end up with something extremely ugly in a color you never bargained for.

But for a strictly frame type of paint job, kustom canz seems like a viable source. But I buy American when I can.
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I made the mistake of trying Custom Cans candy paint , useless in my opinion , followed directions to a tee , color was no where close , I sold the shit for $10 to get rid of it !


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I don't know if I would try large objects like a frame with areosol candy but the pearls I could make look like a million bucks.. candy paint takes experience and good spray equipment to get a uniform finish.. I've painted several Harleys with candy, it's a real job when your doing several pieces at a time and making them uniform so you don't end up with lighter and darker pieces when it's put together..

If anyone knows of better spray bomb pearls throw up a link..


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There is no substitute to two part single stage or base clear as far a quality and durability as powder chunks of and you can't touch it up.