Cyclops 500/580 Questions


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Hi there,

I'd like to start out by saying I'm a bit new I've only restored a few bikes - so I have many questions.

I picked up a cyclops 500/580, originally from conyers GA - it came modified such as no back suspension (flat bars instead) and a non original engine as you can see in the picture its the green bike.

I powder coated it illusion cherry and flat black. I would like to know what torque converter I can add to this bike or if I should even add one?

Any idea where to get a seat that would fit this bike? The sea pan has an angle in it, I believe it is a snap button cover seat.

Any recommendations on engine? I would also like to buy new brake levers on the handle bars. Can you get these rims anywhere?

Open to any other tips on getting this bike running again, I know the colors aren't original but I like the color scheme and this is a bike I am investing in and just keeping for my self.

Any advice on gas tank? I'd like to go with a cylinder on

Thanks open to any tips or advice! Sorry for so many questions!


Mine came with a Salsury 330 torque converter. I'm assuming it's the original but don't think I ever looked in to it. I'm pretty sure most any torque converter would work. I'm a big guy so I think every bike should have a torque converter. Bought mine with a 4hp Tecumseh (probably the original) but I put a 5hp Tecumseh on it cause again, I'm a big guy. As for the seat I just got a cover off of ebay a couple months back. This one, I used thinner to remove the logo also the seller said he had some he couldn't sell at full price because the logo was messed up. You could ask if he still has some...A lot of this bike is a copy of Rupp Roadsters (forget which model Roadster) incuding the gas tank. What I mean by that is that the shape of the tank is the same but I can't say with any certainty that a Rupp tank with simply bolt on. Hope some of that is helpful.


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Thanks so much! Will PM you some more questions.

Open to any more input on the cyclops. I'm trying to understand if I can buy other rims that would fit this bike and the brake discs?
They came with internal drum brakes or at least mine did and that's what I've seen on what few pics are out there. Pretty sure they are 4". I suspect 10" Rupp wheels would work just fine but the nicer ones aren't cheap.