Dirt Oval,whats the Hot Set-up?

Hello.Now that you guys have had a few Dirt Oval races,whats the hot bike?.There must be some bikes that are just faster around the dirt oval then others,,so what style of minis are these?

Do the fastest bikes have rear suspension?,,,large or small tires/wheels?,,what kind of engine?,,,anyone have photos?

I remember in the 70s they raced mini-bikes at half-time at the costa mesa Speedway Bike races,,,and soon the custom make mini-speedway bikes started showing up,,,and they just kicked ass!,,Gene Woods had one with a Mac 101 that was unreal......fun times....

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Most of them are Doodle Bugs

If I was actually in the race i would go with a light motor, maybe 6.5hp Honda/Clone modified to about 15-20hp. But from the video most don't look like they have that much power. I prefer to have more than enough. Then if it's to much I just run part throttle.
Here in the central valley where most of the oval dirt racing is happening most of the guys are riding 6.5 doodle bugs with various modifications, according to the riders they handle real well because of the larger frame than vintage bikes and have nice sized wheels and tires and also are lightweight, others are 13-15 hp clone motors on Baja fat tire bikes which work very well also, if you are a big guy racing a 6.5 you are going to get spanked by the big block torque motors and by the lightweight guys with 6.5s, they are about topped out by the time they come into the corner and most of these bikes run in the neighborhood of 50 mph+ this isn't like running down the street on a smooth surface in a straight line, when you are coming out of the corner and goose it you are not straight, your front end want's to come up and the back wheel want's to wash out, the surface is rough and your butt hole will pucker, the best way to tell is show up and try it, there are guys that have the fastest bikes according to them but don't come close to winning, smaller tires than a doodle bug don't work as well and not much rear suspension going on either. Remember it's only as fast as you can ride it .
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I have tried several combinations of bikes; from a stock 6.5 bonanza to a hopped up doodle bug and now a big wheel stock 13hp baja. On the small track it is all about your skills...more than the bike or motor.
My bikes do well with young brave riders (but not with me driving). If you are young and light the doodlebug is the ticket. Gas or alcohol; Briggs, tecumsch or clone, it all about you. If you are older heavyweight and want more tire on the track, use a 13hp big baja. This way you have the power in the straights so you feel like you are in the race. Hitting the corners are all about skill, and determine whether you are a winner or loser.
Either way, starting out with a pepboy bike is just as likely to win the race, without the investment of restoring a vintage mini. Also, you won't cry when you dump your pepboy bike and scratch up your vintage restored metal flake mini with the chrome/stainless steel, tuck/roll seat and personally designed exhaust (...do I hear music?).
The only real test is to come race with us.
i like a baja mini with a hopped up 6.5 but the big blocks seem to have alot more torque and thats what you need coming out of the corners most of us run no rear suspension because you are less likely to throw your chain .put one together and come on out for the next race
After the 600's did thier times one of the bikes came out and ran a 19 second time for the fifth mile. It was for one lap and he was not warmed up yet it could have been faster. That I believe calcs out at 38 MPH average going thru tthe corners and straightaway and he was not the fastest bike. If it looks slow in a vidio you need to try it for real. Diving into a corner at speed is what seperates the riders. It's not for the weak or timid
Not to bash anyone about what they would put together but I'd like to see a hopped up 6.5 come out and run. It would be great to have more riders come out and not to mention, i hold the winners trophy on a not very hopped up 6.5 clone motor doodlebug running 87 sissy gas.:gunsmilie: I also know that part throttle never wins races, everyone gets excited and cranks it open, especially under pressure :doah: Any bike can work but riding is the main part of the game.
all I got to say is get a bike whatever motor you want and try it you will find out soon that we fly around that track you can have all tha power you can get your still only gonna be as fast as your able to run it. And as far as running part throttle arund tha track and useing it when you want go ahead and try it but people that say that are builders and not riders. I'm a big guy I run a doodle with a pumped up 6.5 and it pulls me good but I can't hang with someone half my weight so build a bike and come out you will realize what you will need and all of use have no problem tellin what we run and would be glad to have another racer diggin in its a blast. Plus once you have done it once and afterwards everyone is raving how there bike ran and how they passed someone its fun as hell so come out and try it!!!