Doodle Bug Sprocket Adapters For Sale


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It's Like A Smack in the face

Seeing these is like a smack in the face' :facepalm:
& just makes me more eager to spruce up the bike. :drool:
I would like to acquire a shiny new sprocket setup as well.
Fact of the matter is I Am Very Happy to Read about ...
the Sprocket & Chain Upgrade Options & I would be more comfortable with
a beefier setup. I like to leave as little room as possible for errors.:thumbsup:
I am aware of the possibilities of the bushing's/spacers in need of...
custom grinding to fit the :censure::censure: rear.
But that comes with dinner.
Any of you fellas got the #40/#41/#42/#420 chain & or sprocket
setup like this already somewhere?
I'm sure I started to read a thread on it once here somewhere!
Wow My Coffee Is Too Strong :doah::laugh::laugh::biggrin::freakout:


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You Said "Cool thing about this set up is you can buy gears at almost any kart shop. This adapter is a industry standard 4 9/16" center registry."

Is that the same as the 5-1/4" bolt hole circle Kart racing sprockets?

If so I think I found some Steel Sprockets For #40, 41 & 420 Chain
5-1/4" Bolt Hole Circle.
What are you guys doing to touch up the split racing sprocket? I bought one for my doodlebug in 2011 and it was a awesome red, now its a dull pink color. My doodle bug is garage kept also so it does not see the sun much at all.


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Hit it with some Easy-Off oven cleaner (yellow top only) then some aluminum polish, get rid of the pink and make it shine like a mirror!