Dyno cam question.

The engine has been bored 0.040, the rod length is 3.875, and I couldn't find a number match for the cam. You need to look at the jets for the carb to see if it was an alcohol engine. Pics of the block and head would help to see what else might have been done.


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Take the jet out of the carb and look in the hole. There are 2 small holes that would be opened up ...and chances are with a 50 jet is was set up for alcohol.
Measure the base circle of the cam versus the lobe. Chances are that is a big cam as it is a steel billet one!
If I clock the key way for the valve to crack til closing it's about 270 degrees. Intake and close to that exhaust. I gauge under the spring keeper at rest and at full open. The difference is about .260. The gasket is about .52 thick. I will have a spring removal tool in two days.