Ebay bolt what am I missing here

2 guy are duking it out for a Bonzans fork bolt $42 Fork Bolt Original Bonanza Mini Bike BC1200 | eBay when I took the one out of my bc1300 the lower neck bushing had nice threads in it you could move the forks around about 2-3 " I put new bushing in it and got a new bolt that was longer and cut it down to the right length now the threads end about 1/8-3/16 from the fork plate not way up past the threads also put a little longer bushing in the neck Ken
the bidders aren't babies or newbs, they have 400 to 600 feedbacks!
surely they know it's a bolt!

check his other items, the front wheel is up to 172$

that picture and the seller should get 10k total for that bike!

freaking crazy
I saw his other items but $42 for a grade 5 5/8" bolt I have found that the bolts on Mini bikes and gokarts most of the time its what they could buy I have a fox kart and the king pin bolt are the same the treads end about 1/2 way up the spindle so the spindle wears and so dose the king pin bolt so I bushed the spindle and found some 5/8" AN bolts that had ground shanks and the threads end a washer thickness out of the spindle strap Ken
I do the same Ken. Any bolt that has bushings against it, I will find one with the shank just long enough and then cut off the excess.