Excitement at my house - maybe!

We're supposed to bring an old vintage dirt track car over to my house (shop) and work on it. Driver was an old timer and did real good in his day. He's deceased now. Working on the car is good enuf to make me smile. BUT, this car is supposed to go to a museum belonging to a major NASCAR driver when we finish it. This post will have to just be "teaser" for now. I'll post more when it actually happens and put some pics on here of it. It may not make it to my house but I will be working on it never the less. And, I may have gotten wrong info about which museum, too. That's why I won't say any more than this. Dirt track and NASCAR fans should appreciate it anyway. I'll post more when I can. Hopefully this won't turn out to be a big let down. I get enuf egg on my face :laugh: without this one turning into a bomb. Later, Tim