F***ing recoil starter!


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Who here has taken the spring out of the starter recoil and gotten it back in successfully?? I think we need our own club.. MAAN was that a b****!!

My recoil wouldnt go back in without hassle so I figured I'd take it apart, no problem right, wrong! 2 hours and a dented car hood later its in and I feel like I need to join a club now. Similar stories?


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if your talking about a clone recoil they are a pain to do, I gave up after several attempts and took it to a local mower shop and had them do it for $10
Use a flat file to twist it...a couple zip ties to hold it in...and poof ! I tried a few different methods without success. But that works everytime. :blink:
It takes me a few tries. When i need to dk that i have 3 of my friends come over to help. Its a real pain On a honda 70cc 3 wheeler. Never tried it on a clone. I bet its a pain. Get a couple guys to help with it.
Manual??? directions??? aren't you supose to read them after your done to see how you can improve them? lol :lol: Any way you do the re-coil..it's not so simple when there is only one person doing it. :freakout: