Fat Tire Mystery Mini-Bike: California Swap Meet Find (probably an easy one?)

Here is another mini we found at a swap meet that needs an ID. This bike is owned by a nice older guy vendor at a swap meet my man is selling at, down in California. The owner doesn't want to sell it, he rides it around at shows and obviously has taken pretty care of it. He says he has owned it for 20-30 years and has no idea what it is other than it's one of those fat tire style mini-bikes, which I personally know next to nothing about so here it is!

Thanks ahead of time OMB, I'm sure the owner would love to know what he has! :thumbsup:

Wow! diverse answers, maybe not an easy one then? lol I like those rims, are they Go-Powers? (sorry for smallest pics-sent via cell phone)
That does look like it? anything I can have Rick (my guy) take a picture of or look at that will help solidly confirm the ID? He and the mini's owner will be there for a few more days....

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That was Jeff Clark's bike in my pic. There is a thread somewhere on here that gets pretty in depth about the Mickey bike....I just kind find it at the moment. Or maybe one of the officials will chime in with the particulars. I have very limited knowledge of them myself.
Definitely a King O' Lawn..... but it might just be a trick on the eyes with the small pictures but doesn't the top of the frame behind the handlebars seem to have a different bend that either the Aggie 97 or the Mickey? (like it looks to do a sudden sharper bend rather than the slower taper towards the front?).

(maybe kind of like a trick on the eyes on how I thought it was a "fat tire" bike at first... :doah: lol ...hard to judge scale from these small pictures, not seeing in person, and not being a mystery bike ID expert :wink:

Also, I see the handlebars are definitely more Aggie than Mickey but maybe even still shorter than either one? .... any other King O' Lawn models it might be?

I'm going to get Rick to take a straight down picture from top and any others he can get tomorrow.... :thumbsup: thanks for your help so far guys....
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I have had a couple of those bikes. I think KOL but what model I dont know. Mine came with the black go powers also. The handle bars are real close to Bonanza 1400. The frame bends are really tight and odd. see the top bar in your pic, the bottom bars in front of the engine plate has an odd bend as well, kicked in. I thought I had pics of that model but cant find them.
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If you compare it to a later KOL its looks very similar but physically bigger overall.... for instance look at the distance between top of the engine and frame on your friends and then look at mine (its a 3hp too so same height at the head):

There is ALOT of space in your friends frame, like they made it to actually fit a 5hp where the later bikes you have shoehorn them in.

KOL did make bikes with the wide spread too, "mickey bikes" all went skinny but the KOL/aggie bikes went wide pre 1970 just like yours, Go powers would mean mid 60's I would think. In the late 60's they had sort of a pre fabbed unit that consisted of engine plate, brake tab and axle tabs that welded between the rails of the frame, late bikes were like mine pictured above so maybe its something KOL offered mid 60's :shrug: