Fiberglass bodies...what ya got?

I have an 80's kenny bernstein funny car body with the fake blower and injector and I have a late 80's Nascar ford taurus body.

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I have had alot of karts with bodies..sadly most I was too dumb to take a pic of:doah:. I even had the red Rupp Gremlin bodied kart. Most of these pics I no longer have...except the Chevy Jr. .I have had many of the bodies also....but no chassis. Anyways..heres just a few.

damn I would've crossed the bridge for that
why'd ya sell it?................couldn't reach the pedals :laugh:
:laugh:..Got it for my kid. She out grew it in one summer. And ya..I drove it with my legs hanging out and one hand steering and the other working the pedals. It was wicked cool....too darn small. I doubt a Moosehugger such as yourself could even come close to fitting your rump in it.:no:
Picked this Batmobile body and complete decal kit from a sale this summer. This company was the only one licensed to build these. Thought I would build it up but gone in another direction so will probably get rid of it or trade it. All on original mold and never cut.Fun unit.



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had this one last year and sold it, A guy from PA called me the other day that told me he's got one that they bought new and its mint and he was looking to sell, so there should be a really nice one on the market soon and will sell for a hefty sum :thumbsup: