Fiberglass bodies...what ya got?

yes it is supposed to float but right now it wont, I have a lot of fiber glass repair to do to it.

Yes it is an allis chalmers terra tiger (Cyclops). I wanted it because it is a Cyclops having only one headlight in the center.

So now I have an ARGO and this A.C. TT and both need major work which I hope to find time for them in the near future.
Hello I have one just like this, blue and everything. With the serial number tag on the front and no lights. What did you ever find out about them ? Dan
Hello , I have one of these, blue and everything with the right wheels and the tag with serial number on it. do you know were I could find out more information about these ?
Thanks, yes it is the original paint, its not mint, but it is very nice. I only took the buffing wheel to it
I thought I should add a few pictures of my Cobra super striker. Only 150 were made and this is 1 of 4 known to exist, there must be others but as of yet only these 4 are known. I have taken pictures of it with its front wheels ,and it with the optional ski package. I think I remember a thread somewhere on this site about minibikes and others with skis, I will try and find it and post it there as well. I also will add these pictures to a thread I started a while back about the Cobras. Hope you like it.
i have a 817 cobra too