Finally Got The Neighbor's Kart


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About a year ago I posted some crappy pics of a neighbor's go kart sitting in their backyard. After a year of waiting I finally have the kart. Long interesting story that I will save for another time. Some have said Bug Kart - Sprint and others have said Thunder Kart with add on posi-trac rear end and add on side rails.

Any ideas what it may be? It is it worth trying to restore or just have some fun with it? It does have cracks on both the side rails behind the seat. Thanks.


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that frame is rough. those frames are plentiful on craigslist &,face book market place. not worth the effort! but that's my opinion .....
This seems to be the consesus on another vintage kart site.

"The kart is a mid 60's Bug Sprint that someone has welded side rails onto. This kart is very sought after in the vintage karting world, and I hope it gets properly restored at some point."