Finished up the cat

nice one to bring to the vintage hot rod shows next summer with your other choppers....
I agree, I will probably be taking this and the bonanza bc1300 I’m going to build for the build off to torque fest. Maybe take the 66 ranchero out there too. The choppers are difficult to ride off of asphalt so I don’t know where I can take them unfortunately


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That baby looks BadAzz!
Love the wheels and just the stance, my first minibike was a Cat 350x Slingshot and it always felt like it was a factory custom, my bike looked cooler sitting still than any of my friends Sears bikes (ropers)
Your's is a 400x?
Great job.

Thanks! I was really fighting with myself to either build it or sell it as parts, glad I built it, I love the stance too.

The original color was gold (hidden behind the fork neck). I believe it was originally an eliminator. It had the original disk brake when I got it but I traded it to help out someone who had been looking for one for a while. I didn’t have to find too much to make it an eliminator again, luckily