For Sale or Trade: ORANGE TAV-30 driver springs. $9.50 still new.

Engagement @ 1500 RPM (stock springs engage at 2200 rpm)

Barely used one time when i was experimenting with a really high gear ratio as you can see they are still perfectly straight.

At the Comet website it costs $7.90 plus $8 shipping amounting to $15.90 .
My total asking price = $9.50. [savings of $6.30] Good deal.

Unless you have some Yellow or White springs to trade for(preferably Yellow).

Why lower engagement springs?
If you don't like accelerating so hard.
Or if you sometimes like a smooth cruise.
Or if you're trying to get up a dirt hill and can't get good traction because your wheels spin at the minimum RPM.

Let me know if interested.