Foremost golden pinto Maybe


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Local CL, guy said it is " the Bird" sold by JC Pennys.
Looks like it might be a Golden pinto to me any one know for sure?
It is, its the disc brake model like the one in this advertisement.

I dunno what brake they used, but depending on model of that, the sebac shocks, good wheels with decent goodyears etc.. could still make it a nice score even if the frame is jacked up :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the input guys. It has a 3 HP on it but I don't think its original. He also said the frame had a couple of cracks but they have been welded and it currently wont suck gas thru the carb but will run on a shot into the carb ( I'm assuming he means it wont draw from the tank) He's asking $100 for it But I don't know if I want to mess with a frame that's been cracked.


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Never mind It must be sold, The ad is gone. I E-mailed him and called (left a message) about an hour after the ad was put up asking him to call me so I could look at it, then I posted the "what is it"
He never got back to me. That kinda irks me when people tell you to contact them and don't return contacts, then the ad just disappears.

OH well. BLNT