Found an old Baja….

So I guess I should fast forward to today, had to figure out site before posting.
Bearings, tires, sanding, painting done,….didn’t share, nothing exciting
Porting head and finalizing the build, waiting on parts, again nothing you haven't seen
This shots just a mock up to give me ideas….
Thinking carbon fiber wrap or dip on shroud….work on building a fuel tank and mount…no hurry

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Up til now the work has been cookie cutter stuff. As I wait on engine parts it’s time to think about a gas tank and exhaust. The tank that came on the engine is a big no. The after market aluminum ones are neat but no.
Time to make my own and utilize some wasted space.

My cardboard mock up ( shown ) will work with a few tweaks.
I’m leaning on this design because the seat bolts will also hold the tank. I’ll tig weld a tube thru the tank and utilize a longer bolt for the front. At the rear the top of the tank will run wild far enough for two holes and the original bolts. Originally I wanted my tank rearward and the cap behind the seat but that’s a little too tight with my planned header.

Shout out to JRPW Racing….amazing service.
Jimmie ( owner ) answers the phone and will help you any way possible, a real stand up guy!
The shipping was too fast making me have to work faster……beer thirty

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