FOUND!!! WANTED: Trail Horse Rear Brake

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I am looking for the plate that goes on the rear of the frame that holds the brake band and cable. I think the model I have is a GT-110 but I am not sure. If you have one that you would sell that would be great but if you have one that you could take some measurements of so I can fabricate something I would really appreciate that too. I have everything to put this bike together except that brake part. Thanks in advance.

Trail_Horse_and_Trail_Blazer_band_brake_mount_for_the_rear_wheel_2.jpg Trail_Horse_and_Trail_Blazer_band_brake_mount_for_the_rear_wheel.jpg I found these pics on this site. This is what I am looking for.
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I have a gto 110 I can get you the measurements for the brake band. I can also fabricate one for you. Do you have the measurements for the clutch cover ? thanks
There are some decent reproduction clutch covers in the Facebook minibike groups for sale...
Make sure you get the correct side. They were available on either side depending on a jackshaft or not. If you have one it is easy enough to make a “mirror image” of it and fabricate it. I made one like that before.