Fox Campus Trail Bike Build

Also found this really cool graphic from an old Fox owners manual online. I really like it, reminds me of the roadrunner graphics from the late 60's. Would like to incorporate it on the bike somewhere, but still in the planning stages of that.

Drew up a new concept for the old mini bike. Been toying around with graphics and color schemes. I'm thinking something like this would look pretty sharp. Just need the weather to warm up. So I can strip the frame, do a few minor repairs, and paint.

New mini bike concept.png
"Doc give it to me straight...

Well... wish I could but it's crooked as hell..."

All jokes aside, the time has come for me to start stripping down the frame to repair the last hack job that was preformed. I knew the engine mounting holes were wallered out, but... looks like I got more body work ahead of me than I originally thought. It is by far not the worst though. Upon closer inspection of the footpegs and engine mounting plate, the bike has been wrecked a few times. But what well used mini bike hasn't been. I straightened out the plate as best I can for now, but I'll need to de-grease, strip the paint back, and weld up some cracks and weld in some patches.

20200506_140423.jpg 20200506_140431.jpg 20200506_140439.jpg 20200506_144927.jpg

On the lighter side of things. I cut up an old pipe I had laying around that I think would make a cool exhaust pipe in the future.

20200505_151919.jpg 20200505_152530.jpg 20200505_152538.jpg
Today's adventures in welding....

I'm not a welder by trade and it shows. I had some successes today, but also made some mistakes. I had trouble where the metal got thin and I burnt a bigger hole than the gap I was trying to weld. But towards the end I got the welder dialed in (at least as close as it can with me at the wheel) and got a few decent welds. At least for it only being my second time welding ever. I got one patch welded in today. I'll need to cut out the second patch tomorrow and try to fix some of my boo boos.

20200512_143836.jpg 20200512_143841.jpg 20200512_143906.jpg 20200512_143910.jpg 20200512_152536.jpg 20200512_153926.jpg 20200512_153931.jpg 20200512_155214.jpg 20200512_155224.jpg 20200512_171950.jpg 20200512_152541.jpg
Welded in a couple of more patches. The slots are far from perfect, but a lot better than before. Thought I'd get a few pictures of the welds before I ground them down in attempt to hide my shame. Haha Maybe someday I'll really fix the mounting slots properly, but for now this fits the bill, I'm having fun, and I'm learning as I go.

20200514_155209.jpg 20200514_155224.jpg 20200514_160829.jpg
Thanks Kmanator! :D This old fox has lived a pretty rough life over the years. I hoping I can repair some of the sins of the past and not create too many new ones. haha

After disassembling the bike I did find the identification sticker on the neck of the frame. But... of course someone has painted over it a couple of times. I'd really like to see it, but all the paint strippers I have will eat that sticker alive. Does anyone know a way I could try to save the sticker but remove the paint?
Thanks buckeye. I've been working on painting the number plate but I ran into an issue with the paint having a bad reaction and wrinkling on me. Looks like I've got a bit of more sanding in my future.

20200522_154655.jpg 20200522_154936.jpg 20200523_122421.jpg
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Got some new shoes for the old mini bike for Christmas. The 3.50 is a lot beefier looking than the 2.50. I'm excited to get them on the bike. I need to finish up a lot first. Painting the engine, install lighting coils, flywheel, wire up the lights, spray the bare spots on the frame, and throw it all back together.