Frankenstein 2016 jakedmoe custom Anything Goes Class

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hey Guys I know I only have a couple days but I'm gunning for the finish line.

Things Ive finished since last update.

got TAV clutch installed and aligned
tank is fully welded
seat section fully welded and mounted
throttle installed

things I need to complete in the next two days

install mounting tabs for fuel tank
re drill engine to align chain
find #40 chain (and tomorrow is sunday!!!:censure:)
install brakes
fix front pivot tabs on springer front end
Frankenstien jakedmoe anything goes class


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Jake, Frankenstein turned out as I imagined AND some! I couldn't be prouder to own this bike and will be sure it receives the national exposure and branding it rightfully deserves. This bike speaks for itself regardless of the outcome of this cool Build Off competition. I will have it with me at the ROADKILL Night events this year and at the SEMA Show this November. Get an agent, you're gonna' need one.

Thank you!