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No Footpegs.
Guess you just held your legs up and went Wheeeeee!
Also no belt guard, we don't need no stinking belt guard. You could always sharpen your pocket knife on the belt at speed :)

Awesome build and love the decal on the engine, someone needs to re-pop them.
Would love to own that bike.



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Trying to figure out the throttle deal, cable goes to the hand grip but then what?
Also zoom in on the scrub brake lever at the bend and see the massive metal block reinforcement and the bailing wire to attach the return spring.
This guy could do on the fly engineering, love it.
The metal for the rear package tray gave him a hard time attaching as you can see burn through of the frame. Probably galvanized, hate that stuff.
I recently bought this mini bike it's a 6 hp motor but I'm not sure about the frame. I was curious maybe anybody can tell me by looking at the picture of they have an idea of what this thing is even called. There's no logo or company or anything. Thank you. 20190608_132558.jpg 20190608_132551.jpg
A friend of mines one off creation.
He gave me the pleasure of getting it running and in tune.

He has these huge custom made fenders and chain guard to go on it.
Luckily he let me take before he mounted them,just be in the way. 20190615_170804.jpg 20190615_170804.jpg

Its a freak fo sho, and surely will grace this thread again once done.