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The guy on the bike is Earl's a little more info:

The TRAG is a quarter-ton mini-truck designed for transportation and agriculture in developing nations. Based on work done by Earl Miner since 1960 on front-wheel drive modular motorcycles, the TRAG was as simple an engine-powered vehicle as possible. It proved to be highly practical, efficient and durable when working under rough conditions. It could be quickly converted from a pick-up truck into a cultivator tractor, and from a 2 wheeler capable of being ridden on trails to a 3 wheeler. The TRAG was designed to be built even with low capital investment and unskilled labor, and fabrication centers were set up in the mid 1980's, in Rhodesia by Earl Miner, and in Peru by Rod Miner. TRAGs can be found in over 40 countries world-wide.

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That's cool. Looks like in the last picture the guy thought he had it in the 'one front tire and one left rear tire' configuration.
Thats my bike! But yea your right it does belong here :laugh: It has a kickstand now and a better chain tentioner and rear sprocket.
yeah don't take it as an insult in any way if your bike lands here...this is an all encompassing thread for any bike that was not mass produced...there is some super cool stuff being posted in here including your bikes.
..thanks for adding to the thread :thumbsup:

btw...that little Bozo bike is friggin cool !!
heres the abortion i started with before i changed it into the trike. I slapped it together in about 2 hours i think. It worked pretty good but man was it ugly. bed frame and check out that throttle