Front forks that fall out..

old shed finds

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On our garden beater the spring forks were soaked with WD40 for a week then started to work.... One good bump and they stayed stuck upward...
So lightly tapping with brass hammer they moved downward. .but one last tap the lower tubes and wheel fell off the bike??
What the heck should hold them together? This tecumseh HS40 pulls it into wheele. And now I feel its way unsafe...And again anybody know what this bike is??? In starting to think a Walmart quality doo doo poo budget quality bike of the day??


Those are gravitational forks and only work where atmospheric pressure exceeds 14psi. Obviously you are are higher than that or this would have happened sooner. However, that being said this may have occurred during a Sun flare thus explaining the increased kinetic energy that built up in your forks causing them to disassociate. Hope this helps.