Front wheel setup vs rear motovox drag style

Got a motovox front suspension kit on the way with a 10” front scooter rim 10”x2 1/4”, and kenda 110/80-10 tire on the way (unsure if I want to go with 110/80-10 or 90/90-10)

Diameter 16.9”
Width 4.3”
Sidewall 3.5”

Diameter 16.4”
Width 3.5”
Sidewall 3.2”

my current rear tire is a 15/6-6
Diameter 15”
Width 6”
Sidewall 4.5”

My question is which front tire would be better for a drag style motovox build? 110/80-10 with more diameter/width or 90/90-10 with less diameter/width? IMG_9673.png IMG_9671.jpeg IMG_9670.jpeg IMG_9659.jpeg
Thanks for any insight
decided on a 90/70-10 tire which is about 14" in height 3.5" in width rears are 15x6x6 but measure 14.4" in height...

14" height front with a 14.4" height in rears.. i think it'll be a nice stance
Are you actually racing it, or street riding it?
Mostly cruising in mini bike events around my area (usually big parking lots sectioned off), and occasional 660' at events, but nothing serious just for fun. I got a CTS 33J speed rated tire 90/70-10 similar to size to x18 front tire/wheel combo is the look I'm going for.

Link to tire .. There's also a photo review of someone who mounted it on a similar rim / front forks.. looks good

90/70-10 on a 10 inch rim