Full Of questions I know plan needed

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

So I'm taking my time to build up a mini bike because if I don't I would rush it and get something I don't want
Keep in mind I'm 286 Pounds 6'1 my first thought was get a huge engine and throw it in a frame until I researched and found out its more to it

So I want to know the best options for a 1200 budget I want a old school style frame not the chopper style I want it to haul / push

Not looking for collectible type bike for my first project

I want slick tires

It's for street riding no dirt

I don't know how to build a engine but if it's easy I can learn

Im wiling to put any engine that first require to use a clutch to change gears

Thanks for the help in advance hope I can have something worth riding


Growing up is optional
Well......Find your frame and wheels first, then decide weather you want a vintage or modern engine.