Google Music Beta invites

i'm out of invites

i've currently got two Google Music Beta invites if anyone wants one. if you want one, PM me your email address and post in here that you claimed one.

i've been using it for a little while now and love it. easy access to all/some of your music on most phones or any computer. you can upload up to 20,000 songs.
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invite sent and one left.

i did have to reinstall it today because it kept saying a lot of my mp3 files were bad (over 8,000 out of 10,000+ that i tried). if it gives you issues, just reinstall and then uploading the "bad" ones shouldn't be an issue. it is still in beta so don't expect everything to be perfect.
I also have one invite when strigoi runs out of invites. Better than itunes, but i'm kinda bias cause im a die hard google supporter :laugh:
I would be interested in trying this out, between my dad and me, we have a extensive library were are always having to backup, move and share.