Grabbed another 5hp Honda Tbelt engine.


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Yup, a Honda GC engine. Belt driven overhead cam, like 99% of automobile engines. I understand the rubber belt runs through the crankcase oil; gets an oil bath. :oops: ?

Definitely a fan of the vertical cylinder configuration as opposed to everything else (clones) having the cylinder canted over. Well everything else that has overhead valves I mean.

You’ll have to do some long term testing on that one, give ‘er some abuse because people are always saying they’re rated for residential use and not commercial duty.

old shed finds

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Believe me Brother we did. We ran one all day on a tote gote "Mini Gote" close to full throttle runs."With Davis" that guy has some fast stuff....
The full range of the engine is great..
Try one!


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I found mine at a yard sale. Had been on a pressure washer that was allowed to freeze and crack. The seller pulled the engine and said he only ran it a few times during the summer. Then it sat in his garage. I got it for 25 bucks. No idea on the clutch.
I never did anything with the engine because the exhaust is facing the wrong way.
Looks like a neat engine to use. Very light. Starts up instantly.



They will run a very long time with proper maintenance. I have used them on several bikes and they have been really reliable. I have a header that I can lend someone if they want to duplicate it. I bet there would be a few people that would like to ditch the stock exhaust!


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done little research on this engine and it's not really a bad engine. they run super smooth,but it does have some bad points about it. plastic cam,rockers have known to crack and belts have gone bad too. I like the front exhaust setup. that would look cool on a little custom built bobber bike with the exhaust coming off the front of the engine.


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my freebie honda

plastic cam

this has been posted couple times in the pass,but for you newer guys may have not seen yet. modified briggs cover.